The Camp

This is not just a writing camp but the beginning of a transformative journey. In this one-of-a-kind experience, your child will be taken from being a chatty storyteller to a published author! Today, anyone can ChatGPT a story using basic prompts. So this camp is not just about spinning a yarn with idioms, evocative adjectives, and apt verbs. It is about training your child’s pliable mind to dare to dream! We tease them to juxtapose unusual situations, imagine outrageous characters, and create unexpected twists that represent their unique way of seeing the world. Quirky, deep or sentimental, the child gets to express each side through the hero, villain and joker of the story.

  • The child will be mentored to write their best possible short story of around 1500 words.
  • The qualifying stories will become a part of a book.
  • One copy is gifted to the author from my side. More can be purchased at author discount.
  • Amazon listing. We think the part that chuffs up children the most is to see their book on Amazon.
    There is an other-worldly joy and pride on the child's face as they share the “buy now” link with friends, the school,
    relatives and neighbours.

This boost of confidence changes the direction of their life. They start to dream bigger and expect more from life! That’s the ultimate goal.

All sessions compulsory to attend

Phase 2: Second week for group discussion of everyone’s story. Get ready to listen patiently and give honest feedback respectfully.

Phase 3: Time to write. Includes two to three one-on-one sessions to sort out any tangles in the tale. Constant whatsapp support will be available, till done writing.

Phase 4: Editing Advisorship

Then we work our magic, layout, do book cover art, edit, proof, and publish!

Start date:  29 April, 2024, 7:00- 8:30pm (tentative) Online
Fees: All this at the highly discounted rate of Rs. 10000 only, all inclusive, from writing to publishing.

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